Der Hölle zu nah, um dem Himmel fern zu sein.

– Grabinschrift am Grab der Giganten.

Ich bin ein Schriftsteller. Geplant habe ich das nicht. Das merkt man manchmal auch. Und dennoch schreibe und veröffentliche ich seit 15 Jahren und habe in dieser Zeit, je nach Definition, 6–11 Bücher verfasst.

Vor ein paar Wochen fand ich eine alte Archivdatei. Diese beinhaltete ein paar Scans, die ich vor 10 Jahren angefertigt hatte, und diese Scans waren von ein paar Seiten, die ich vor über 20 Jahren, in den Neunzigern, beschrieben hatte. …

Work automation is critical for productivity and efficiency and therefore a priority for (senior) developers. This is a section of an upcoming article for that I likewise wanted to share as is, before any additional editing.

The ambition to become a professional, an expert web developer who knows their craft so to find effective but simple solutions comes with a particular balance to find. That balance is to automate as much as possible without, at least at the current stage of our field, becoming lazy and neglecting the craft itself.

This may sound more obscure and difficult than it…

Beside being a web developer I call myself a philosopher. I call myself a philosopher even though I don’t yet have a degree in philosophy. And I call myself a philosopher even though some people would disagree with me being one. Why would I be a philosopher? What makes a philosopher?

The case is actually pretty simple to me. There is a legal side, yes, there’s a differentiation to make, and then there’s one aspect that, in my view, makes the matter quite crystal clear.

Figure: Thanks, NASA.

The legal side is simply that the profession of philosopher is not protected — nowhere…

(Disclosure: I have been involved in The Other Manifesto by helping with technical questions, including provisioning of the Kindle e-book version. What follows are some friendly personal views on the manifesto’s content.)

Is this the high way? (Thanks and kudos.)

From some points of view, we’re in trouble. Wars and terrorism, diseases and hunger, poverty alongside abuses and failures of the financial system, pollution and climate change and eco-catastrophes, mass surveillance, state-backed torture, scientism and religious cults, competition throughout all areas of life, &c. pp., …

Jens Oliver Meiert

Engineering manager and author (ex-Google, W3C, O’Reilly)

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